Miss Angela

Miss Angela is the beloved teacher’s aide in Mr. Thomas' classroom.

As a teacher’s aide, Miss Angela has a very important job, just like Mr. Thomas.

Her job is to offer support to Mr. Thomas and work with students who may need a little extra help in the classroom and around Wilbarmel Elementary School.  

She is very friendly and attentive, and all the students know that she is there to help them.

She is particularly helpful to students like Alex who has autism spectrum disorder.

Miss Angela helps Alex organize his schoolwork so he can successfully complete all his assignments.

She also helps him learn additional social skills so he can socialize with the students in his class and participate, in a meaningful way, in routine classroom activities.

When all the activity around him overwhelms Alex, Miss Angela helps him strategize ways to overcome his discomfort and learn to handle other uncomfortable situations in class and around school.

The most important part of Miss Angela's job is to help Alex and all the students become as independent as possible so they can function, without her help, within the school environment and then outside of school as well.

But knowing how much Miss Angela loves her job and her students, even if they don’t need her help anymore, she will always be a part of her students’ lives.