Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a new teacher who is full of energy and enthusiasm for his students and his job.

He encourages and supports his students to become confident and independent learners who also care about each other and other kids in their school and in their communities.

Like most teachers, Mr. Thomas sees his job as more than just teaching academics but also in helping young people discover their own unique talents and use those talents in different ways to help others.

For Mr. Thomas, every lesson, academic or not, is also a β€œlife lesson.”  His students explore the world in which they are growing up, and with his help, try to figure out their place in it.  

More importantly, though, Mr. Thomas helps his students appreciate all kids.  

He explains that although they may have different ideas, they may look different, they may be from different ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds – they are still kids, who just want to feel welcome and celebrated for who they are.

And Mr. Thomas certainly celebrates all his students – everyday - while they learn, play and work together.  

One of the most important things his students learn is that they not only have fun together, but that they enrich each other’s lives too.