Mia is Lily’s best girlfriend.  She is a powerhouse of energy in spite of her small size.

Mia lives around the corner from Lily.  Along with Joaquin and Alex, they have all known each other since preschool.

Mia’s parents own the neighborhood health food store and spend long hours working. So, like Joaquin and Alex, Mia hangs out at Lily’s house a lot, after school.

Mia was always insecure because of her height.  But, once she started gymnastics and became stronger and more competitive, she has gained newfound confidence in herself.

Although hesitant at times, Mia is willing to try new things, especially Lily’s creative food concoctions and Joaquin’s physical endurance challenges.  Joaquin challenges Mia to test the obstacle courses he creates (Kids version of the American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course).

Mia admires Lily because of her enthusiastic and independent spirit, and she has become more independent because of Lily.

Mia sees Joaquin and Alex as just friends who regularly hang out together – everyone with their own unique character traits, personalities and even idiosyncrasies.

Hanging out is always interesting, with many unexpected surprises.  Mia is energized by the diverse interests and personalities of her friends, yet is comforted knowing that they all share a common history and a genuine caring for each other.