Lily's Summer Story

For most of us, especially Lily, the summer went by like a flash.  As we know, Lily has boundless energy, and she didn’t waste a second of her summer vacation.

So how did Lily spend her time this summer?

Lily picked up where she had left off in the first Superheroes Club book. (Link to preorder the book on Amazon).  Reading about and hearing numerous stories of kids and their families who are in need inspired her, and Lily was eager to collect and donate even more clothes and toys to a local charity.

Since Lily is very methodical, she made sure she was well rested and well nourished before she began her herculean (link to definition on task of sorting through all her things again.  Lily rummaged through her entire closet, collecting clothes, toys, and books.  She then proceeded to go through other parts of the house to seek out things that either weren’t being used by anyone or had already been set aside as a donation.

Lily piled all the things she had selected on the living room floor, anxiously waiting for her mother to marvel at what she had accomplished.

When her mother came home and saw the huge donation pile, she was speechless!  Lily had done a super job of de-cluttering every room in the house.  So many items of clothes, toys, and even small electronics and appliances were piled high, all of them still in good condition.

Lily explained that other families could get use of these items, which she believed was better than having them just collect dust around the house. Her mother agreed, and Lily’s first great summer project was off to a good start.

Lily and her mother set aside a special day to drop off the items at a local charity, and now Lily focused on some final summer activities. 

Lily spent time in her backyard organic garden, played next door with Alex and Meatball, caught up on her summer reading, and spent a few days of lazy summer fun.

But Lily was eager to find a new project.

Lily thought, “What can I do next?”

When she reached out to the rest of the Superheroes Club members, she found that they were also eager and ready to help out in the community.

The superheroes met at Lily’s house and decided that before the new school year began, they wanted to organize a major cleanup event at their neighborhood park, Wilbarmel Park.  In Lily’s mind, she imagined it was going to be the biggest event ever!

It is inspiring to know that when kids set their minds to doing something, they can accomplish many things! 

Lily thought it would be great to ask her teacher, Mr. Thomas, to help, but he was still on vacation traveling and unavailable.  So, the superheroes reached out to Miss Angela, the teacher’s aide in Mr. Thomas’ room, to help.  She was not only eager but also excited to join the superheroes and help in the community.

After one enthusiastic meeting in the park, the Superheroes Club and Miss Angela organized a major park cleanup day.  Lily was happy to be with her friends and participating in the cleanup.  They were all doing their best to make a difference in their neighborhood.

Although everyone was completely exhausted at the end of the cleanup, it was well worth it.  Everyone spent a fun-filled day and helped beautify (link to the community at the same time.

Lily spent the remaining two weeks of summer vacation thinking of new activities and ways to share and care during the next school year.

“I’m sure I’ll meet a new friend at school this year!”  Lily told her mother.

With the new school year upon us, Lily is ready to make any new or shy student (Link to blog 14 on welcoming the new kid) on the playground feel welcome at school.

What did you get to do this summer? Let us know!